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Required Documents:

Three (3) recommendation letters from musicians of acknowledged standing. Please include complete names and addresses, otherwise the application will be rejected.
(300 Word Maximum)
20 MB Max
20 MB Max
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Competition Application | PRESCREENING

Naumburg Prescreening Requirements

Prescreening Recordings:

Prescreening recordings are required from all applicants. We strongly prefer that all applicants submit prescreening recordings online, as part of the online application, instead of by mail. Naumburg does not assume responsibility for loss of recordings; copies should be sent.

One recording of no more than 30 minutes must be submitted.

Note about audio quality: It is very important that the audio quality is excellent. If your video does not have high audio quality, we prefer that you submit an audio recording.

The recording should illustrate the extent of technical command, a variety of interpretative abilities, an understanding of performance styles, as well as special repertory interests.

The works on the recording are NOT required to be the same repertoire that will be included in the two programs that you will submit with your application, to be performed at the competition if you are admitted.

Repertoire on this recording should not include works with orchestra or opera arias. Please leave a space after each recorded work and indicate the timing of each segment. It is to your advantage that this recording is of the highest possible artistic and audio quality.

No orchestral or opera arias will be allowed on the programs.

Video / Audio File Requirements & Upload Restrictions

File Types accepted:
  • Video files: .avi, .flv, .m1v, .m2v, .m4v, .mkv, .mov, .mpeg, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv
  • Audio files: .aac, .aif, .aiff, .iff, .fla, .m4a, .mpa, .mp3, .ra, .wav, .wma
  • OR you may upload a link to a video from YouTube, Youku, or Tudou
  • Document files: .doc, .docx, .odg, .odp, .odt, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .wpd
For file upload support, please email

Live audition is mandatory for those who passed prescreening. Visit here for this year’s audition dates.
Please upload a document detailing the pieces you upload, including Composer, Work Name, Movement, etc.
The filesize upload limit is 500 MB. For files larger than this please upload them to a cloud service such as Dropbox, Box, Google Cloud, etc. and paste the share link into the URL field below.

Competition Application | LIVE AUDITION REQUIREMENTS

Naumburg Audition Requirements

Live Audition Requirements:

Applicants must submit two (2) full programs ready to be performed that illustrate your repertory interests and could serve as the basis for two New York City recital programs.

A recital program is considered to include at least 60 minutes of music, not exceeding 90 minutes.

Program 1 must include:
  • A group of songs or airs before the 19th century; i.e. Mozart, Bach, Early English, Italian or French
  • A group of songs of the 19th century; standard song repertoire of the German and French School
  • A group of 20th (composed after 1950) or 21 st century songs; including at least one by a contemporary American composer
Program 2 may illustrate special repertory interests or may follow the same format as Program 1 with different repertoire.

All songs must be performed in the original language.

No orchestral or opera arias will be allowed on the programs.

Program File Requirements & Upload Restrictions

File Types accepted:
  • Document files: .doc, .docx, .odg, .odp, .odt, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .rtf, .wpd
For file upload support, please email
(Mandatory Requirements)
(Singer's Choice)

Application Fee Payment

Your application will not be considered until you have submitted the application fee of $125.

You can do so via credit card by clicking the link below.