for String Quartets, Piano Trios, and Ensembles including at least 3 members and not more than 8, without a conductor


September 18 and 19, 2021

LOCATION:   Gilda Lehman Hall at the Morgan Library, New York City
  • $15,000
  • A fully subsidized New York Recital
  • A Commissioned Work, Composer TBA
It should be understood that the awards will be based on the judges’ decision and that they reserve the right to withhold any or all awards.   General Information  
  • In residence in North America
  • Ensemble members ages must not exceed 34 as of September, 2021
  • Confirmation of a concert career of two (2) years or more
  • Application must include copies of or original printed programs
  • Repertoire List
    • Three (3) full length concert programs
    • At least 60 minutes of music per program
    • Program should not include repeated repertoire
    • A substantive American work from 1970 or later must be included in one of the programs
  • Short Bio (300 words)
  • Website (If Available)
  • A recording of no more than 30 minutes of excellent audio quality or in a YouTube format. At least one video must be included. We recommend uploading either WAV, FLAC or lossless (uncompressed) audio formats.
  • Two (2) recommendation letters from musicians of acknowledged standing with complete names and addresses. The recommendation letters can be sent to or submitted through the online application
APPLICATION FEE: $125 (payable through the online application portal)

The Walter W. Naumburg Foundation is not responsible for Visas for musicians who reside abroad. It will be necessary for ensemble members to submit verified birthdates. A birth certificates, passport, or certified school record are acceptable. It should be clearly understood that the chamber music award will be based on the decision of the judges and that the judges reserve the right to withhold any or all awards. The Foundation reserves the right to reject the application of any candidate, who in its opinion is not ready for a New York recital. The winners of the Naumburg Chamber Music Award may not make any professional appearance of importance in New York City between the date of the competition and that of their New York recital. While the Foundation is responsible for expenses immediately connected with the winner’s award recital and commission, the Foundation is not responsible for any expenses such as travel, or audio and video recordings. Contestants must not make any attempt to be in contact with any juror during the competition. The jury, at its discretion may ask for any item of the repertory on a contestant’s list. Competitors who are not ready to perform when called by the jury may be disqualified.Those applicants who do not make it into the live auditions will be informed as soon as possible following the June 15, 2021 deadline.  

The application, $125 registration, and all required materials must be received by June 15, 2021.  
If any of these items are missing the application will not be considered complete. The application and fees are not returnable.